The joy in Movement.

At the age of 35 I taught myself to balance on my hands.

The building blocks involved in the learning process changed something deep within me.

During this journey I have discovered how simple it can be to keep ourselves moving well and feeling great. So much so, that it has become a driving force for me to want to share.

From the physical and mental health benefits to the carefree joy and the playfulness we seem to have left behind as children.

Focusing on movement quality, flexibility, strength, control and mindfulness.
We have one body to live in for the rest of our lives. Lets make it an enjoyable time and experience the true freedom of human movement.

Here is a recent interview (June 2019): KICKASS YOGA Interview

I have learned from and trained in person with many of the Worlds finest Movement and Strength practitioners including:




→ Yuval Ayalon                               → Wim Hof                                                                                           → Dewey Nielson                            → Dr. Michael Chivers                                                                        → Yuri Marmerstein                     → Ryan Hurst
→ Miguel Santana                         → Eric Helms
→ Dylan Werner                            → Benni Magnusson
→ Emmet Louis                             → Kirsty Grosart
→ Jarlo Ilano                                  → Carl Paoli
→ Sammy Dinneen                        → Hunter Cook

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Gayle Pocock
Glasgow, Scotland