Coaching Options:

1-1 Private Coaching

If you are local to me (Glasgow, UK) I offer 1-1 Private Coaching.

We can work on any specific skill you have in mind. Maybe you’re not making as much progress as you’d like on your own or you are stuck in your practice and don’t know what to do next.

Maybe you’d like me to cast an eye on the skill you’re working on or maybe you just like having an in person coach. Whatever you need I will be more than happy to help make it work for you.

1-1 coaching  can also be used after an assessment to further work on what you have learnt.

I offer 1 off sessions or a block of 5 and 10 lessons. The blocks come with a discount.

Training can be indoors or outdoors, its your choice.

Please email me with the subject line “1-1”

1-1 Private lesson is £60 per hour. This includes homework specific to you so you can continue to make progress. You’ll also gain access to a private online community sharing hints, tips, informative articles and videos.

Online Coaching

Is there something you’re working on and you’re not making the progress you’d like or you feel stuck and don’t know what path to take next.

How about learning a new skill, where do you start?

I offer video 1-1 live coaching, video consultations and bespoke programs.

Get in touch and we can discuss whats best for you.

Please email me with the subject line “Online Coaching”

Online Coaching starts at £60 for a 1 hour Zoom/Skype/ FaceTime 1-1


Does all this movement chat sound appealing but you’re really not sure what it means, how you should be feeling or where to start?

It’s difficult to explain something to someone who has never experienced what you are trying to describe.

Find out how good it feels to feel good.

So, you know you need to move more or move better or just get started… but where do you begin?

This is why I coach. To share everything I’ve learnt on my own journey, as someone who started later in life and then fell in love with how good it felt to move well and feel absolute freedom in my body.

It doesn’t matter where you start; you just have to start.

I’ll guide you on your own journey.

We begin with the basics and the basics lead us far further than you can imagine. Whatever your goal, whether its just to be able to play with the grandkids without putting your back out or squatting down to the bottom shelf to get that tin of beans to a freestanding handstand or middle splits. It all fits together.

Once we work on the foundations the rest just happens. You’ll find yourself moving better, feeling better and that radiates out towards every aspect of your life.

We will work on what you NEED as well as what you WANT.

If you’d like to know more please Email me: with the subject line “Mentorship” and I’ll reply back with all the information.

I only mentor 3 students at a time and I update this webpage when I have spaces.