Colette Ward - Infinity Yoga

Glasgow, Scotland

After hearing about a handstand workshop from a few friends myself and my husband decided to attend Gayle’s Monday night course at The Fitt Principle.
Inspiring, fun, lighthearted are just a few descriptions of this 4 week course.
Gayle has a amazing talent for breaking down the components of arm balancing.
Her ability & grace is spell bounding, leaving all her students with a thirst for the knowledge she has.
Her willingness to share and grow a community is captivating. It was our first course but it certainly will not be our last!!!

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Clemence Cocquet - Scapa Fest

Glasgow, Scotland

I first approached Gayle as I decided to deepen my connection to nature by addressing the gaps in my physical strength. I wanted to feel as strong and agile as the felines and primates, free of worrying whether my body would allow me to go where I wanted to go. I wanted to wake up strong, ready to follow my mind and heart’s desires.
What I immediately loved about Gayle was her tailored approach to my needs. As an outdoors person, my idea of strength is to be able to climb rocks, jump rivers and walk for days on end. I mentioned to her that I would have difficulty tolerating indoor environments. We never met in a gym. She never made me lift anything that wasn’t my own weight or something natural. We met at climbing walls or in parks, and journeyed together on the path of what strength really means. Strength is not just physical. Priming the mind is key to unlocking our own physical power.
Thanks to her patience and infinite knowledge of the human body, but also the human psychology, we broke down the barrier to progress, slowly turning those “shouldn’t” and “couldn’t” into “yes, I can”.
Today, I wake up feeling strong, balanced, aligned, and yes of course with so much more room to grow stronger, but now, thanks to Gayle, equipped with the tools to really become the strongest version of myself.


Valerie Johnstone - Our World Yoga

Glasgow, Scotland

Gayle came highly recommended to me as the best person to help in an initial 1-1 situation. My interest was in breaking down postures, from the foundation to finding flight.

One of Scotland’s, if not the UK’s, highest regarded coaches in understanding movement and the anatomy of the human body.

However not just any movement but specific, individual movement that is appropriate to you!

Gayle is incredibly attentive and understands the whole body and mind connection.

I am so glad to have met this kind, gentle (probably one of the most yogic people I know, without being a Yogi (yet!) extremely knowledgeable and talented lady.

It is a privilege for us to have her at our studio running a variety of movement workshops and her knowledge will be key to our future teacher training at the studio.

I can’t recommend Gayle enough!


Karina Heggan

Glasgow, Scotland

I was first introduced to Gayle in 2017 which is about 20 years later than I wish I’d met her…
My thoracic mobility was incredibly restricted therefore preventing me from getting into an Overhead Squat with a PVC pipe let alone a barbell!
After our first session and a little homework (always do the homework) I could feel and see a vast improvement in that position…
After 5 sessions with Gayle I can now get into that overhead position fairly comfortably and am now working on building strength there!
Now this stuff doesn’t happen overnight (especially at my age) but when you have a coach with Gayle’s commitment,passion and endless positive energy around you, your body starts to understand what youre asking of it and willingly co-operates.
Anyone who knows me would agree that I’m always in a rush, particularly at training. Never really taking the time to feel the movements during my sessions which proved to be very counter productive, especially when you have mobility issues!
Gayle brings with her a calmness which, let me tell, you is infectious!!!
Gayle has shown me how to slow down and actually listen to my body both during training and during mobility whilst making huge improvements…
Now thats pretty damn impressive!


Julie Smith

Glasgow, Scotland

This works!  I could simply leave it at that but you wouldn’t get to know the wonders of working with Gayle.

For me, I had a chronic SI joint pain mainly from over-training.

Yes, pilates helped a lot and so did programmed weight training but now and again the gnawing pain would return and I despaired at ever being without it. I knew Gayle a little and watched her take workshops and loved her natural enthusiasm for her work and life in general which I admired. But mostly I loved the way she moved, even in walking.

She made things look effortless, natural and pain-free and I wanted to feel like that. I signed up for a 1-1 programme with her over several weeks. She explored what my intention was.  I just wanted to move without pain, no fancy tricks (just yet) but to basically feel good in my body.

I thought I knew my core strength until Gayle started with some very basic movements, so basic in fact I struggled to do any of them but that was the point.  In order to move well, Gayle encourages you to go back to the beginning and explore.  She teaches you patience, breathing, feeling, control and all with a humungous dollop of fun and contagious laughter.

The wonder of Gayle is also that she cares, you matter to her and she wants you to become better and better. Gayle’s methods work!  Not only did the pain go completely but my knowledge grew and I learned to be kind to my body and feel each and every finger, toe, muscle, back, tummy and teach myself how to move with grace and strength combined, a lethal combination!

So whether you want to be pain-free, walk on your hands, move like a kid again or develop super human strength, Gayle is who I would recommend.  Oh she also has the heart of a lion.  #belikegayle


Euan Pringle

Cambuslang, Scotland

Why Gayle?
Well, I started working with Gayle as a last resort to resolve a pain in my leg that I’d had for 18months or so.  I’d spent more money than I care to count on sports massage, Physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopaths, you name it I tried it and then I met Gayle.  She took a different approach and never actually touched my body and at first I thought she’s not getting what my problem is; this was my mistake.
Some weeks on my pain was almost gone but I’d become hooked on learning from Gayle and finding new methods to work into my training and keep me injury free.
Gayle’s has a unique understanding of the body and mind and knows how to harness and combine them both to change the way you move, stretch, balance or just play which can be transferred into many aspects of daily life.  If it’s an injury you have or just want to explore your body and you’re not sure where to start, start with Gayle it will be a much quicker and more enjoyable route than the one I took.
Did I mention, Gayle is awesome!


Tamara Hockey

East Kilbride, Scotland

Gayle has been coaching me since December 2017 when I approached her to help me with a niggling hamstring injury.

For the first 6 to 8 weeks we worked up building my hip strength which in turn has sorted out my hamstring issue. We are now working on the magic that is handbalance!

Gayle is one of the best coaches I have worked with. Her belief in your ability makes you try things you thought impossible and her attention to detail is awesome. No session ever feels like a chore it’s always fun and informative.

Would I recommend Gayle? 100%. Best thing I have done in a while. If you want magical shit to happen get booked in!


Laura Wright

Glasgow, Scotland

Initially I started training with Gayle to skill up my hand balancing techniques, but I keep coming back for more 1-2-1 sessions for many reasons.

Gayle is a brilliant teacher, she spotted the kinks and weaker links in my movement patterns straight away and gave me the confidence and tools to progress.

She is a wonderful person with a great outlook on life and after each session I leave feeling uplifted and filled with energy.

I like to feel physically challenged and mentally stimulated when training, Gayle taps straight into this and effortlesly makes learning really fun!

I can’t recommend her enough!


Carol Blakeley

Isle of Mull, Scotland

With a lot of apprehension (due to my complete lack of coordination and common sense) I signed up for Gayle’s Fundamental Handstand course. From the first minute of the workshop I felt welcomed, involved and was really looking forward to what she had in store for us.

Gayle, very simply, makes learning fun.

She is enthusiastic about her ‘sport’ and this enthusiasm and deep knowledge is motivational.  She has a super ability to adapt her instruction taking into consideration the experience and current skill set (or lack of it) of everyone in her class. I loved every single minute of the workshop and Gayle’s love of her work and the positive effect it has on your body, and mind, makes you just want to get out there and practise.

And do you know just how much I enjoyed it? I went back – again – and built on the knowledge and skills that I had gathered from the first time. Gayle…..you’re a star ⭐


Shio Chia

Glasgow, Scotland

February 2018 I decided to set myself a goal of a 10s freestanding handstand. After 1.5 months I realised I hadn’t made much progress. I decided I needed professional help.

I contacted Gayle to get a one to one lesson. I immediately felt the benefits from that one session.

She gave me more in-depth details regarding handstand technique and exercises for progress. I immediately felt the benefit and excitement! I went home with a tailor made training program.

In every appointment with Gayle she has managed to provide a set of techniques that would help me to improve and understand questions in my handstand journey.

Gayle has an in-depth understanding of handstand and I ‘m beginning to feel the connections in my body. Plus I feel so much stronger!

Every training session I have a smile on my face; feeling that am a step closer to my target.

I am enjoying and looking forward to every handstand lesson with Gayle. I can’t wait!

I know that I WILL achieve my goal!


Alicia Nowak

Vienna, Austria

Gayle is awesome! Everyone should work with her. She is always welcoming and warm and makes you feel like you can do anything without worrying or being afraid of getting hurt.

She is really inspiring in pursuing her own physical skills, extensive knowledge.