ROOTS Online Course

ROOTS is a 4 month online guided coaching program intended to make you more aware of your body, how it moves, the feedback you get from moving and the transference of everything learnt to everything else you do.
Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.
This one body you have is incredible!

Over the coaching period you will be astounded at what you will have learnt and put into practice.
The program starts from the absolute fundamentals of movement making sure you have all the pre-requisites covered and you’re feeling much more confident and in tune with your body.

Strength, flexibility, control.

Head to toes. Lets wake everything up!

I’m confident this program will change your life and I have spent 2 years developing it.

You will have access to a private Facebook coaching page, only viewable by you and I.
Your page is private and not searchable.
Your privacy is guaranteed.

How does it work?

You will be given programming to follow and asked to film yourself so I can see how you move.

You will then be given feedback and as you progress new programming and videos to follow.

Constant feedback and guidance = progress.

You can upgrade at any time for a specialised package depending on what you need. Eg. Live video calls, video coaching, and more feedback.
I want you to get the absolute most out of my coaching so the package can be flexible depending on what you need.

***Polite note: 
I’m very passionate about whom I coach and I only open up 1-1 spaces to students I feel will do the work involved to get the best outcome.
I expect you to be focused, committed and dedicated. This is not a quick fix or secret codes to get a handstand or movement goal.

If you put in the work and follow my programming and coaching I guarantee you will reap the rewards – The very best version of yourself in every way imaginable.

If you have further questions or anything else I can help you with then please just let me know.
For testimonials please view Testimonials

Specific testimonials from the ROOTS program can be found on my Instagram post:
ROOTS Testimonials and more will be added as they are available.

ROOTS is a 4 month guided Course = £600

Online Coaching

Is there something you’re working on and you’re not making the progress you’d like or you feel stuck and don’t know what path to take next.

How about learning a new skill, where do you start?

I offer video 1-1 live coaching, video consultations and bespoke programs.

Get in touch and we can discuss whats best for you.