GMB Fitness Movement Workshop



Crossfit Murrayfield

6 Sauchiebank, Edinburgh

EH11 2NN


1st July 2018

12 – 5pm

Cost: £65

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GMB Fitness Movement Workshop

This Workshop is all about teaching your body to handle the activities that are important to you.

Exceptional results are accessible to everyone, regardless of age, background or fitness level.

Lead GMB Trainer Gayle Pocock will be sharing the building blocks to build a stronger, more agile body, while gaining greater physical confidence and a sense of mastery in everything you do.

This workshop is accessible to everyone because we know that everyone is different. The path to success is almost never linear, and we all develop at different rates. GMB™ programs teach you how to interpret your body’s signals and adjust the training as necessary.

Gayle will show you in person how to assess, address and apply everything that you learn.

This 5 hour workshop covers locomotion, flexibility, mobility, and mindful movement. You will gain an understanding of the basics of the GMB Method, setting you up for more advanced movement skills in the future.

💫What if you could wake up every day and know that your body was ready to handle everything you wanted it to do.

Instead of worrying about nagging pains or limitations, you feel excited to challenge yourself in your favourite sports or activities, and to enjoy new experiences and opportunities as they present themselves.

That’s what we call “Physical Autonomy.”💫

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