Handstand Class

Handstand Class



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Small Group Class with 1-1 Coaching

-You’ve started hand balancing but you’re stuck.

-You don’t know what to do to progress. 

-You can’t identify things that would help you move forward. 

-You keep walking when all you want to do is stay still and balance.

-You either kick up too far or not enough. 

This class is designed to give you knowledge based on where you and your fellow classmates are at on your handstand journey.

We will group together and share our handstand goals, where we are at and what challenges we are facing.

I’ll help each person individually to identify areas to work on and give exercises, hints, tips and a plan for moving forward.

This will be a small group ( max 5 per class) and we will all learn from each other.

* Spaces must be booked in advance. * email: hello@invertedg.com

If you want to make progress with your handstand then this is for you.

No experience necessary as I will share knowledge for all levels.

This class includes a detailed warm up.