Fundamentals of Handbalance

Fundamentals of Handbalance

Fundamentals of Handbalance Workshops

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***Spaces are limited to allow personal coaching and feedback.***

Handstands make you better at everything!

This workshop is for all levels and will cover the foundations that will enable you to progress step by step, safely and competently into practicing handbalancing as an adult.

→ If you are a complete beginner then you will learn the fundamental steps to get you started with a plan of how to progress.

→ If you are already handbalancing then there will be drills and exercises encouraging you to revisit the building blocks and identify weak areas making your practice even stronger.

Get more in tune with your body and feel how wonderful it is when it all works as a team.

What will be covered….

Wrists and Hands – The base of your balance

Learn how to build strength and flexibility allowing you to practice with no pain or potential for injury.

Arm Strength

The necessary steps required to build the strength in your arms. After all, that’s what’s holding you up!

Scapular Strength

Healthy shoulder movement requires pain free range of motion and ease of movement throughout the whole scapular area.
Learn what you can do to make your shoulders feel and perform the best they ever have.

Core and Back

Your power source. Get in tune with your core. Learn the difference between engaging your core and actually using your core. A new whole world of strength opens up!


I will explain why it’s important to find alignment in a handstand for healthy joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It’s not just about the aesthetics.


Top to toe connection throughout the whole body. Learn to use your whole body as a team.

Body awareness

Going upside down is scary; especially if it’s something you’ve never tried before.
Learn how to connect more to your body and gain spatial awareness giving you the confidence to experiment, explore and progress.

Body Positioning/Proprioception

Learn where each and every part of your body should be giving you the best chance to balance.

Balancing on Your Hands

Learn how to feel and adjust balance and create a mindful connection throughout the body.


Learn how to safely come down from a handstand without fear of injury; allowing you to practice more.

Different Entry to Handstand

I’ll show you many ways to get into a handstand. There is no one size fits all.
I’ll help you identify the one for you to get you started.

Advanced progressions for those who are ready….

→ HS Shapes (tuck, straddle, pike, stag)
→ Handstand push up.
→ Straight arm Press to handstand.
→ Bent arm press to handstand.


If you cannot attain a position you’d like, then you need to find a way to get to that range of motion.
I’ll show you methods of working on your flexibility to get the results you desire.

Q and A

This workshop is designed to give you lots of personal feedback to enable you to progress safely and confidently in your Handbalance journey.
There will be many different exercises and drills that can help you identify areas you need to work on.
During the workshop you will be given personal advice encouraging you to progress step by step towards your goals.