Balance on your Hands 101

20th May 2018


Our World Yoga

1000 Great Western Road

G12 0NS


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Balance on your Hands 101

Have you ever seen Instagram photos of people doing cool handbalancing moves and thought “‘I want to learn that!”
I’ve made up this workshop so you can do exactly that – and much more.

I’ll teach you the basics of balancing on your hands so that you can explore many handbalance poses. These basics will allow you to explore many more challenging skills, including a freestanding handstand.

💫THE BEST PART 💫 You’ll get whole body stronger, more flexible and gain incredible body awareness. The skills you learn in this workshop will be transferable to any sport you do.

Poses covered:

Crow – Bakasana
Split Leg – Eka Pada Koundinganasana I
Peacock – Mayurasana
One Arm Croc

We will start with an in-depth warm up routine and move through different areas so you can get the best from each and every warm up you ever do.
I’ll then explain the foundations of all hand balance poses and how to enter and exit them slowly, safely and with complete control.
I’ll go deep into technique pointers so everything makes sense and you’ll be able to go home and practice confidently on your own with a plan for progress.

No experience required. We will start with the fundamentals and I will give you each progression to get to the full pose so you can work at your own level.
*This workshop is not for you if you have a current wrist injury. ⚡

£30 per person.
2.5hrs workshop
Maximum 15 people.
Individual coaching guaranteed.

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