Focused Flexibility Class

Focused Flexibility Class



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Focused Flexibility Class

Would you like to be more flexible and mobile?
Have more freedom in your body to do the things you desire?
How about just to be able to touch your toes or sit comfortably in a bodyweight squat?

Or maybe you’d like to improve your handstand or overhead squat but you just don’t know where to start.

This class not only focuses on gaining more accessible range in your body but how to get more in tune overall.  This allows you to awaken areas you may have left sleeping for years.

This awakening of musculature and body awareness will transfer into every area of your life. You’re going to gain a whole lot more than just getting flexible – guaranteed.

It doesn’t have to be painful to get there, nor do you have to spend hours stretching.
Little a squirrel nibbles on nuts, little and often makes wonderful progress!

I’ll coach you through the GMB Fitness Focused Flexibility Method. – Click here to learn more..

Learn to be mindful and listen to your body.
Each week we will focus on different areas and you’ll learn how to identify, access and affect your own flexibility for whatever you want to achieve in sport or life.